Research Lines


Supercritical Fluids and Functional Materials

The present research line is led by Dr. Concepción Domingo and focuses on the development of new nanostructured materials using …
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Inorganic Materials for Battery Applications

This research line is led by Dr. M. Rosa Palacín and focuses on the crystal chemistry and electrochemistry of inorganic …
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Nitride-Based Materials

Research in nitride-based materials is led by Prof. Amparo Fuertes. The similarities in electronegativity, polarizability, ionic radii and coordination numbers …
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Nanoengineering of Carbon and Inorganic Materials

This research line is led by Dr. Gerard Tobias and focuses on the design and engineering of carbon and inorganic …
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Electrochemistry, electroactive materials. Synthesis, doping, energy storage and bio

This research line is led by Prof. Nieves Casañ-Pastor . It deals with the use of electrochemical methods in the …
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