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Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)
Campus de la UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)

Phone: + 34 935 801 853
Fax: + 34 935 805 729


Prof. Enric Canadell
Email address: canadell AT
Dr. Alberto García
Email address: albertog AT
Dr. Jorge Íñiguez
On leave at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Dr. Riccardo Rurali
Email address: rrurali AT
Dr. Massimiliano Stengel

Email address: mstengel AT


Dr. Miquel Royo
Email address: mroyo AT
Dr. Madhura Marathe
Email address: mmarathe AT
Dr. Konstanze Hahn
Email address: khahn AT
Dr. Konstantin Shapovalov
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Andrea Schiaffino
Email address: aschiaffino AT
Juan Antonio Seijas
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Vladimir Dikan
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Prof. Luciano Colombo
(University of Cagliari) Until Sep 2016
Aleandro Antidormi
(International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)) (Until Sep 2016)



Dr. Eduardo Hernández (moved to ICCM, December 2009)
Dr. Nicolas Lorente (moved to CIN2, September 2007)
Prof. Pablo Ordejón (moved to CIN2, September 2007)


Dr. Hugo Aramberri
Dr. Benoit Braida
Dr. Gabriel Canto
Dr. Claudio Cazorla (now at the U. of New South Wales, Australia)
Dr. Manuel Cobian
Dr. Oswaldo Dieguez (now at Tel Aviv University)
Dr. Stefan Janecek (now in industry in Austria)
Dr. Jose Luis Mozos (passed away)
Dr. Frederico Novaes (now in industry in Brazil)
Dr. Josep Maria Oliva
Dr. Roberta Poloni (now in Grenoble)
Dr. Jose Miguel Pruneda (now at CIN2)
Dr. Steffi Reich
Dr. Tristana Sondon (now in industry in Barcelona)
Dr. Oscar Paz
Dr. Jacek Wojdel (now in industry in Barcelona)

PhD Students

Dr. Natalia Bedoya (November 2008)
Dr. Marc Gener
Dr. Otto Gonzalez Vazquez
Dr. Marcin Kaczmarski (October 2007)
Jorge López-Pérez
Dr. Eduardo Machado (November 2007)
Dr. Riccardo Rurali
Dr. Gerard Tobias

Members of the ICMAB electronic structure group, with guest appearance by Dr. Jordi Faraudo.