MIT-Spain “La Caixa” grant for MULFOX

MULFOX group has been awarded with a MIT-Spain “La Caixa” Foundation Seed Fund. In a press release that took place on 18th April at Palau Macaya (Barcelona), the PI of the project (Ignasi Fina) was interviewed by local radio, and he commented on the new investigations on the use of semiconducting ferroelectrics for photoelectric applications that the funded project proposes. We hope fruitful collaboration with MIT. 

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A new memory

In a radio interview (Pa Ciència la Nostra – Radio Sants) Ignasi Fina talks about the realisation of a memory device able to be connected to any PC via standard USB connection based on an antiferromagnetic material.  The realisation of this proof of concept device might be an important step on for antiferromagnetic spintronics.

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  • Josep Fontcuberta
    Conference: Investigar i descobrir: una aventura
    Institut IES JM Zafra , Barcelona
    20 Novembre de 2012
  • Josep Fontcuberta
    Conference: Investigar i descobrir: una aventura
    Institut Guinovarda, Piera (Barcelona)
    17  d’abril de 2012
  • Our recent results reported in Nature Communications (doi:10.1038/ncomms5671) on the exploitiation of antiferromagners for the development of new magnetic memories have been presented in the media:        
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