Hi, my name is Clemens Lindermeir from Wolfenbüttel, Germany. I joined the ICMAB to do an internship for a year. In Germany I study chemical engineering at the Clausthal University of Technology. Apart from that I enjoy being outdoors, riding motorcycle and playing my guitar. I am also a big fan of travelling. During my stay I`d like to learn Spanish (and maybe Catalan) fluently and I will keep looking for new experiences and friends to spend time with.

Saúl Estandía will be working on his PhD under supervision of Florencio Sanchez for the next years.


During this time I will mainly focus on the preparation (by PLD) of samples made of the ferroelectric oxide BaTiO3 and further characterization (by STEM microscopy) to understand the polarization domains’ dynamics, all that under the supervision of Florencio Sanchez and Jaume Gazquez. As background I hold both a degree in physics and a master in photonics.
I enjoy practicing a wide variety of activities such as capoeira and martial arts, hiking, reading, learning languages…
If you would like to know more don’t hesitate to address me.
Looking forward to meet you all!



Milena Sulzbach



My name is Milena Sulzbach and I am from Brasil. There, I studied physics and acquired my Bachelor´s and Master´s degree from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Now, I have started my PhD in ICMAB under the supervision of Prof. Fontcuberta in the Multifunctional Oxides and Complex Structures group. In my free time, I enjoy walking, listen music, reading and travelling to new places with my friends.

Nahuel Statuto


 My name is Nahuel Statuto and I have a Degree in Mathematics and Master in Theorical Physics from Universitat de Barcelona. Now, I performing a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Ferran Macià, in the group of Multifunctional Oxides and Complex Structures. 

Mathieu Mirjolet


Hello there! My name is Mathieu Mirjolet. After finishing my master’s degree in Physics at the Université de Lorraine in France, I decided to join the Multifunctional Oxides and Complex Structures group of ICMAB in order to carry out my PhD.

In everyday life I enjoy travelling, reading, listening to some classical music, or just setting the world to rights with my friends and a fine whisky. Hope to see you around!



Yu Chen



I studied in Shanghai University as a master student.On 2nd Nov. 2016, I incorporated to ICMAB.
In ICMAB, I study the transport properties of the LAO/STO 2DEGs and the interaction of transport with light. My work also focuses in imaging magnetic and f
erroelectric domains in multiferroic structures.



Jike Lyu


Hello, My name is Jike Lyu, I got my master degree from Northeastern University in China. I joined the ” Magnetic Materials and Functional Oxides” group of ICMAB in October 2015. And I will work on ferroelectric films on Silicon under the supervision of Florencio Sanchez for P.hD degree. I like travelling and listening music. See you around!