Parametrizing the exposure of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in cell cultures at different in vitro environments
Maria Milla, Si-Ming Yu, and Anna Laromaine
Chemical Engineering Journal, Available online 15 December 2017

Ultrafast Synthesis and Coating of High-Quality β-NaYF4:Yb3+,Ln3+ Short Nanorods
Fabrizio Guzzetta, Anna Roig, and Beatriz Julián-López
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8, Novembre 2017 8, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.7b02473

Unveiling a New High-Temperature Ordered Magnetic Phase in ε-Fe2O3
José Luis García-Muñoz, Arnau Romaguera, Francois Fauth, Josep Nogués and Martí Gich
Chemistry of Materials, 
29(22), October 2017, DOI:10.1021/acs.chemmater.7b03417

Piezo-generated charge mapping revealed through direct piezoelectric force microscopy
Andrés Gómez, Martí Gich, Adrián Carretero-Genevrier, Teresa Puig and Xavier Obradors 
Nature Communications, 8, October 2017, DOI:10.1038/s41467-017-01361-2 

Carbon–Silica Composites to Produce Highly Robust Thin-Film Electrochemical Microdevices
Pengfei Niu, Laura Asturias-Arribas, Xavier Jordà, Alejandro R. Goñi, Anna Roig,Martí Gich, and César Fernández-Sánchez. 
Advanced Materials Technologies, October 2017, DOI10.1002/admt.201700163

Electric and Mechanical Switching of Ferroelectric and ResistivStates in Semiconducting BaTiO3–δ Films on Silicon 
Andrés Gómez, José Manuel Vila-FungueiriñoRahma Moalla, Guillaume Saint-Girons, Jaume Gázquez, María Varela, Romain Bachelet, Martí Gich, Francisco Rivadullaand Adrián Carretero-Genevrier
Small, October 2017, 13(39), DOI: 10.1002/smll.201770208. 

Toxicogenomics of iron oxide nanoparticles in the nematode C. elegans
Laura Gonzalez-Moragas, Si-Ming Yu, Núria Benseny-Cases, Stephen Stürzenbaum, Anna Roig and Anna Laromaine
Nanotoxicology, June 2017, 11 (5), 647-657. DOI: 10.1080/17435390.2017.1342011.

Materials and toxicological approaches to study metal and metal-oxide nanoparticles in the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans

In vivo testing of gold nanoparticles using the Caenorhabditis elegans model organism
Laura González-Moragas, Pascal Berto, Clara Vilches, Romain Quidant, Androniki Kolovou, Rachel Santarella-Mellwig, Yannick Schwab, Stephen Stürzenbaum, Anna Roig, and Anna Laromaine.
Acta Biomaterialia, April 2017, 53, 598-609. DOI: 10.1016/j.actbio.2017.01.080.

A recoverable ruthenium aqua complex supported onto silica particles: an efficient epoxidation catalyst
M. Isabel Romero, Ingrid Ferrer, Xavier Fontrodona, Anna Roig and Montserrat Rodríguez
CHEMISTRY – A European Journal, March 2017, 23, 4096–4107 DOI: 10.1002/chem.201604463.

Anticipating hyperthermia efficiency of magnetic colloids by a semi-empirical model: a tool to help medical decisions
Marcela B. Fernández van Raap, Diego Fernando Coral Coral, Siming Yu, Guillermo Arturo Muñoz, Francisco Sánchez and Anna Roig
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, February 2017, 19, 7176-7187. 
DOI: 10.1039/C6CP08059F.

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