Anna Roig brings nanomaterials closer to secondary schools with the program “A researcher in your classroom”

The program “A researcher in your classroom” brought Anna Roig, from the N&N group, to Lliçà d’Amunt, at Institut Lliçà (Tuesday, 3 February 2018), and the ICMAB researcher Agustín Mihi to Institut Dr. Puigvert de Sant Andreu in Barcelona (Wednesday, 4 February 2018). Both audiences were secondary school students of 4t ESO.


The “A researcher in your classroom” program, a part from showing the research in new nanomaterials and their applications to the students and their teachers, breaks the existing barriers between secondary schools and research centers: the students have the opportunity to meet scientists, learn how they became a scientist, and ask them questions about their job or life. 

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