Laura González has earned an internship in a start-up company within the BoosterWe program

boosterLaura González has obtained a fellowship to do an internship in a start-up company in Latin America or Portugal for a period of 6-12 weeks for her entrepreneurship project GMP Nanotech, within the BoosterWe progam. 

The GMP Nanotech project she presented consist in the business plan of the manufacture of inorganic nanoparticles for biomedical applications with pharmaceutical quality. 

The BoosterWe program supports entrepreneurs from universities in Latin America, Spain and Portugal to put in place innovative business initiatives. The program offers hands-on learning experience and business management through stays in small and medium consolidated companies that operate in another country and in complementary sectors than the entrepreneurs projects. These stays will last for 6 to 12 weeks. The beneficiaries will have a grant to help cover travel expenses and accommodation in the country of destination, as well as personalized mentoring of their new projects. The overall objective of BoosterWE is to energize the university entrepreneurship in the Ibero-American region, promoting the creation of highly innovative companies, and especially promoting the incorporation of female talent within the university entrepreneurship with scientific and technological base.


BoosterWe progrma is supported by RedEmprendia y BancoSantander


Pol has been accepted to an International Master Course in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

pol-farewellToday is Pol’s last day in the N&N Group. In the group meeting we gave him a little present and he brought some delicious pastries from his hometown, Manresa.

We will miss him, but we are happy that he has been accepted to the International Master in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC) with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

This Master is a 2-years education program in the field of Energy-related Materials. During the first year, Pol will study in Toulouse (France) and in Warsaw (Poland); and in the second year in Córdoba (Spain). The last semester is dedicated to an internship. After successful completion of the curriculum, Pol will graduate with a multiple Master degree awarded by all universities of the consortium and recognised in each of the countries visited.

Congratulations Pol! Good luck and see you soon!

More info:

Xavier Frias accepted for a M.S. in Nanomaterials at ICL

xavier friasXavier Frias, a former undergraduate student in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of the UAB, which did his Undergraduate Final Project with us, has been accepted for a Master in Nanomaterials at Imperial College London, and with the possibility to continue with the Ph.D!!

Xavier’s work within the N&N group at ICMAB was entitled “Synthesis of gold-functionalized porous alumina support for catalysis”, and was under the supervision of Anna Laromaine and Martí Gich. After being at ICMAB, he spent this last year in Paris at the CEA – Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives

Congratulations Xavier! All the best in London!

Pol Sallés received the award for the best Bachelor’s Final Project at the Formula VIII conference

Pol Sallés received yesterday (July 4th) the award for the best Bachelor’s Final Project at the Welcome Ceremony of the Formula VIII conference, at Hotel Crowne Plaza, in Barcelona. Pol’s work was entitled “TiO2/Au nanoparticles on bacterial cellulose substrates for photocatalytic applications“, and was supervised by Anna Roig.Xavier Domingo Prizes

The prize, which consisted in 1000 € for the student and 500 € for the supervisor, to be spent in cultural activities/material, was delivered by Sergi Ruscalleda (CRODA), Miguel Burdeos (SPB) and Juan Lemmel (SEQC). 

Welcome Ceremony of the Formula VIII

This award is in the framework of the 4th Prizes Xavier Domingo, organized by the Spanish Committee of Detergent, Surfactants and Related Products (CED, Comité Español de la Detergencia, Tensioactivos y Afines), the Universitat de Barcelona, CRODA and SPB. A part from the award to Bacherlor students, there is also awards for Secondary Students who have done works related with colloids and surfactants. 

The winners

Best Oral Presentation for Laura González at the 2nd Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students

Winners: Daniel, Laura, Enelia and Florind
Laura González (ICMAB) has won the prize for the Best Oral Presentation at the 2nd Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students (PhD meeting) for her talk “Evaluation of inorganic nanoparticles in the model organism C. elegans”. 

The second prize for Oral Presentation has been for Daniel Grajales Garcia (ICN2) for his talk on “Bio-Hacking and Do-It-Yourself Biologist”. The two posters awards have been for Enelia Cristina (ICN2) (second prize) and Florind Merkoçi (ICN2) (first prize). The winners were determined through popular voting.

The aim of this conference is to give the opportunity to PhD, Master and Undergraduate students working in nanoscience at the UAB Campus to present their own scientific work in a 10-15 minutes presentation or in a poster (poster sessions). The meeting took place at the Facultat de Ciències i Biociències of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) on June 29th-30th.

Congratulations Laura!

Congratulations to Luisa Barrera for her Graduation at MIT!

Graduation Day Lusa Barrera

We congratulate Luisa Barrera for her Graduation on Materials Science and Engineering at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). 

Luisa was an intern in our group during summer 2015, under the supervision of Anna Roig. She worked on “Titania and gold nanoparticles synthesized on bacterial cellulose  for H2 production by photocatalysis”.

Congratulations Luisa! Wishing for you many more successes to come!

Photo: Luisa walking off the stage after they handed her her diploma.


Poster Prize for Anna May at the “Functional hybrid materials” workshop and training school in Stockholm

Poster Prize Anna May-MasnouPoster Prize for Anna May at the workshop and training school “Functional hybrid materials: Structure elucidation from molecular to macro level”, within the “Trends in Inorganic Chemistry (TINC)” series. 

Anna presented the poster Photocatalytic hybrid nanocomposites of bacterial cellulose and Au/TiO2 nanoparticles for hydrogen production”, a work in collaboration with the Institut de Tècniques Energètiques (INTE-UPC), and within the National Project Engineering Bacterial Cellulose (E-BCN).

This event, held in Stockholm University (May 25th-27th), was organized by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry of the Swedish Chemical Society, within the EU COST action MP1202 “Rational design of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces: the next step towards advanced functional materials”. The Poster Prize was sponsored by the International Sol-Gel Society.

Jana Segmehl, from ETH Zurich, and who did an Internship in our group at ICMAB, also attended the workshop and presented the poster “Functional hybrid materials based on hierarchical structured cellulose scaffolds”, in which Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig are co-authors.

Jana and Anna

The program and speakers are available on the event website. A flyer of the event is found here. 

Event website: logo

Update 07/06/2016: The news appears on the International Sol-Gel Society webpage!

Update 06/10/2016: Picture of the participants in the HINT COST ACTION webpage!


Premi pel Treball Final de Grau d’en Pol Sallés

026El treball final de grau “TIO2/Au nanoparticles on bacterial cellulose substrates for photocatalytic applications” d’en Pol ha estat guardonat amb el Premi Xavier Domingo de la Universitat de Barcelona en la seva quarta edició. El Premi Xavier Domingo reconeix els millors treballs de final de grau sobre ciència de col·loides, cosmètica i detergència i està obert a tots els estudiants de les universitats espanyoles.

El lliurament del premi es farà el dia 4 de juliol a l’Hotel Crowne Plaza, coincidint amb l’acte inaugural del Formula VIII Congress of Formulation i les 46es Jornades anuals del Comité Español de la Detergencia, Tensioactivos y Afines. 

Congratulations to Anna May for the Extraordinary Ph.D. Award

IMG-20160211-WA0005We congratulate Anna May for obtaining the Extraordinary Ph.D Award (Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat) for her thesis entitled “Insights into nanomaterials: from surfactant systems to meso/macroporous materials and nanoparticles“, carried out at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), and supervised by José María Gutiérrez and Montserrat Porras.

The awards ceremony took place today, February 11, at the UB Paranimf, and was also the ceremony to award the epidemiologist and oncologist Francesc Xavier Bosch with the honorary doctorate (doctor honoris causa). Dr. F. Xavier Bosch is well-known for participating in the development of the HPV vaccine.


Internship at King’s College London – Toxigenomics

Laura Gokings college londonnzález is going for an internship at King’s College London for three months (February 1st – May 1st, 2016) in the framework of her Ph.D. She will be in the Toxicogenomics Group with Prof. Stephen Sturzenbaum. Laura will study whether the treatment with iron oxide and gold nanoparticles alters gene expression (at the transcriptome level) of certain genes involved in oxidative stress responses, and in heavy metals detoxification mechanisms, using C. elegans as a model organism.

Collaboration with other Universities and Research Centers is always a welcoming and positive experience, both for the graduate students and for the Group. We wish Laura all the best and success in this new adventure!