Anna Roig brings nanomaterials closer to secondary schools with the program “A researcher in your classroom”

The program “A researcher in your classroom” brought Anna Roig, from the N&N group, to Lliçà d’Amunt, at Institut Lliçà (Tuesday, 3 February 2018), and the ICMAB researcher Agustín Mihi to Institut Dr. Puigvert de Sant Andreu in Barcelona (Wednesday, 4 February 2018). Both audiences were secondary school students of 4t ESO.

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Anna Roig participates in debates about research and development in Catalonia

3rd March 2018 Anna Roig participated in the debate “Coneixement i Recerca” held at the University of Vic in the context of the “Congrés Participatiu Catalunya i Futur”. This project is supported by the platform The day before, she appeared on the local TV from Esplugues del Llobregat, on the program “Catalunya segle XXI-Recerca i Desenvolupament“.

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The video “A story on Bacterial Cellulose” among the 15 jury favourites videos in the JoVe contest

Last June 2017, Anna May and Sole Roig filmed a video for the JoVe contest: Film your research. Although the video on entitled “A Story on Bacterial Cellulose” didn’t make it to the final, we have just received the notice that it is one of the Top 15 critically acclaimed videos by the jury!

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Anna Laromaine inaugura el curs a l’INS Cassà de la Selva

Aquest dijous dia 14 de setembre de 2017, l’Anna Laromaine ha donat la conferència inaugural a l’Institut de Cassà de la Selva donant el tret de sortida al nou curs. Com a antiga alumna de l’institut, ha presentat la investigació del grup N&N. També els ha animat a treballar per ser el que vulguin ser i fer realitat el títol de la xerrada: De l’INS Cassà to the world!

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Big succes of MATBIO2017!

Thursday 22nd of June of 2017 was the last day of the first edition of the Scientific School on Materials for Biomedical Applications organized by ICMAB (MATBIO2017). A large number of local and international students attended the school and participated actively on the debates, the science dating and the hands-on sessions. Almost all the participants would repeat this experience according to the surveys.

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Students from Universitat de Vic visit ICMAB

On May 10th, three bio-medical engineering students form the University of Vic visited ICMAB and its facilities. They are Laura Gonzalez students of the bio-materials course. Sole and Irene showed them the crystallography lab and other ICMAB facilities: NANOQUIM, electron microscopes among others. After that, several members of the N&N group gave a talk explaining to the students which are our main research lines.

Luo shows his C.elegans to Lorena from the UVic

Anna Roig (May 8th 2017) and Anna Laromaine (May 15th 2017) will also participate in this biomaterial course by giving two seminars in the University of Vic. 

Good job and thanks to all the participants!  🙂