Farewell to Carlos

Last week we said goodbye to Carlos Moya, who has worked as a postdoc during one year at the N&N group. To farewell him, we organized a dinner in Barcelona! We wish all the best to Carlos, he will continue with his research career at his former group, in the University of Barcelona. See you soon Carlos! 

Do you want to do you PhD at the N&N group?

Bacterial Nanocellulose diagram

The call for the PhD grants form the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities “FORMACIÓN DE PROFESORADO UNIVERSITARIO (FPU) 2018” is now open. If you are a highly motivated student with a strong background in chemistry/physics do not hesitate to contact us (alaromaine@icmab.es)! The N&N group is offering a PhD project on the topic “Engineering Bacterial Cellulose Composites” aiming at developing new materials based on bacterial nanocellulose. Join us if you want to take part in this innovative project within an interdisciplinary and dynamic research group!


High marks for our M.S. students!

Congratulations to our master students for their good marks and defences of their research projects! It has been a pleasure to have you in the group and we wish you both a lot of success in your future career!


María Jesús Sánchez Guisado
M.S. Student in Advanced Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, University Autònoma de Barcelona
Title: Bacterial Nananocellulose as Bioactive Wound Dressing.
Supervisors: I.Anton, A.Laromaine and A.Roig
Date of defense: 09/07/2018
Mark: 9/10


It has been a excellent experience here at ICMAB with N&N group. I have enjoyed working with all of you. Also I have gained a valuable experience!


Oriol Torrecilla Matencio
M.S. Student in in Applied Materials Chemistry, University of Barcelona.
Title: Actuable Bacterial Cellulose Nanocomposites
Supervisors: Dr. A. Laromaine and S. Roig
Date of Defense: 04/07/2018
Mark: 7.9/10


“It has been a wonderful process of development, not just as a scientist but also as a person. I have got skills that for sure will help me throughout my career. Thanks N&N team!”


Farewell to María Jesús!

The academic year is over and we have to say goodbye to the master student María Jesús. As it is a tradition for the N&N group, María Jesús got a small present and a card from her lab-mates. We wish María Jesús a lot of success on her future career and persona projects! 


Welcome Gerrit!

This spring we have a new member in the N&N group: Gerrit, from Germany! 

Hi, my name is Gerrit and I’m a master’s student of toxicology from Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2016, I got my bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry in Cologne. Now, I am glad to enter the Group of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites for an internship of six months under the supervision of Dr. Anna Laromaine. My topic will be the investigation of the effects of cellulose on the nematode C. elegans and vice versa. I’m looking forward to meeting you! 

Good luck with your project Gerrit and we all hope you enjoy your time at the N&N group! 

Farewell to Deyaa

Deyaa’s farewell

After two years with us, Deyaa Youssef is going back to Egypt to finish his PhD. Deyaa has worked during his time with us with bacterial cellulose nanocomposites. Today it was his last group meeting and the N&N group gave him a card and a present. Deyaa also brought a cake and a plate engraved with “Group NN“. We wish Deyaa a lot of success in his future career and in all the aspects of his life! Good luck!

Deyaa’s present to the N&N group
The Bacterial Nanocellulose team

Welcome Oriol!

Today we introduce the latest entry at the N&N group: the master’s student Oriol Torrecilla: 
“Hi, my name is Oriol Torrecilla and I am from Barcelona, Spain. In 2015 I got my B.Sc. in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). I spent half a year in Denmark doing my bachelor’s thesis at the iNANO center. After I received my degree, I worked at ICMAB on synthesis and functionalization of gold nanoparticles in the FunNanoSurf group. Right now I am studying a Master’s degree in Applied Material Chemistry at UB and I will be doing my thesis in the N&N group with Ana Larromaine and Soledad Roig. My project is about synthesis and characterization of cellulose spheres functionalized with different nanoparticles which have promising applications, especially in biomedicine.”

Welcome to the group Oriol, we hope you enjoy your time here!

Welcome María Jesús!

New Master’s student in the N&N group!
“My name is María Jesús nchez and I am from Badajoz (Spain). I have studied Biotechnology at Pablo Olavide University (Seville). Now, I am studying a Master’s Degree in Advanced Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in UAB. I will be doing my masters final thesis with the N&N group under the supervision of Anna Laromaine and Irene Anton.  I will study the interactions between bacterial nanocellulose and growth factors.”
We wish you all the best for your project María Jesús!

Welcome to the postdoc Carles Moya

New year and new members at the N&N group! Today we introduce our postdoctoral fellow Carles Moya: 

I obtained my Bs.C. in Chemistry in 2008 at the Universitat de Barcelona. After that, I studied a Master degree at the same University. During my research I focused on the synthesis of bio-organometallic compounds under the supervision of prof. Concepcion Lopez. Then I joined to Magnetic Nanomaterials group under the supervision of prof. Amilcar Labarta where I developed new chemical routes to obtain magnetic Nanoparticles based on iron oxides. Their magnetic properties were also  studied and correlated to their structural properties. After my PhD I took a postdoctoral position at the University of Carnegie Mellon where I worked in  prof. Sara Majetich’s group. In Pittsburgh, I focused on the study of the magnetic and structural properties of assemblies of single-crystal cube-shaped and spherical Fe3ONanoparticles obtained from high temperature decomposition method.  During this period I acquire a wide array of skills related to performing research in nanotechnology. These skills include synthesis of nanomaterials by chemistry methods, preparation of nanoparticle assemblies, surface functionalization, structural and magnetic characterization among others. Recently I joined to Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites group with a Grifolls grant. Here I am going to study albumin nanocages using iron oxide Nanoparticles as a template. In addition, I am going to focus on the potential biomedical applications of those structures such as MRI contrast agents and drug delivery. 

Hope you enjoy your time at the N&N group Carlos!

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