Congratulations Dr. Qianzhe Zhang!


The NN group members would like to congratulate Qianzhe Zhang for his excellent work on the Ph.D. thesis defense!

Qianzhe’s thesis is entitled Microstructural Control of Epitaxial α-Quartz Filmsand has been supervised by Dr. Martí Gich from the NN group and Dr. Adrián Carretero-Genevrier from NanoChemLab (Institut d´electronique et des Systèmes – IES, France) 

The jury was formed by Dr. Francisco Rivadulla Fernández (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain), Dr. Mariona Coll Bau (ICMAB-CSIC) and Dr. Romain Bachelet (Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology, France).

Congratulations Qianzhe! 

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Wenchao Duan

+34 93 5801853  
PhD topic: Technological applications of porous nanocomposite materials.
Supervisor: Martí Gich

Jan Grzelak

Ph.D. Student 
+34 93 5801853

PhD topic: Mesoporous magnetic nanorods for theranostics

Supervisors: Anna Roig & Martí Gich

Zhongrui Luo

+34 935801853 (ext 294)

PhD topic: In vivo interactions of nanoparticles in C.elegans

Supervisor: Anna Laromaine

Soledad Roig

sole+34 93 5801853 (ext 283)

PhD topic: Engineering bacterial cellulose nanocomposites

Supervisor: Anna Roig & Anna Laromaine

Ma Zheng

ma+34 935801853 (ext 303)

PhD topic: Understanding the ferroelectricity and magnetoelectric coupling in ε-Fe2O3        

Supervisor: Martí Gich

Yajie Zhang

+34 935801853 (ext 294)

PhD topic: Multifunctional PLGA nanocapsules as drug carrier for angiogenic therapies

Supervisor: Anna Roig 

Miquel Torras

+34 93 5801853 (ext 293)

PhD topic: Multicomponent nanoparticles by simple and scalable methods

Supervisor: Anna Roig

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