LLAVOR Project was awarded to the Group NN

PLANT HEALING, a project lead by Dr. Anna Laromaine from the Group Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites at the Institut of Materials Science in Barcelona (ICMAB) and in collaboration with the Group of Bacterial pathogens and plant cell death from the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), was awarded by Els Fons Europeus de Desenvolupament Regional i el Departament d’Empresa i Coneixement de la Generalitat de Catalunya with a grant of 20.000€. The PLANT HEALING 2016 LLAVOR 00052 project will work to offer a novel material that could be implemented in current grafting protocols with no extra time or effort to significantly improve graft efficiency. PLANT HEALING will make an agricultural breakthrough, by developing a new nanocomposite material containing silver nanoparticles linked to bacterial nanocellulose.


Farewell to Deyaa

Deyaa’s farewell

After two years with us, Deyaa Youssef is going back to Egypt to finish his PhD. Deyaa has worked during his time with us with bacterial cellulose nanocomposites. Today it was his last group meeting and the N&N group gave him a card and a present. Deyaa also brought a cake and a plate engraved with “Group NN“. We wish Deyaa a lot of success in his future career and in all the aspects of his life! Good luck!

Deyaa’s present to the N&N group
The Bacterial Nanocellulose team

Anna Roig receives the Albus Award for her project on “Albumin iron-oxide nanocages”

On Tuesday 3rd October, Anna Roig received the Albus Award 2017, by Grifols, to develop a project on “Albumin iron-oxide nanocages”. The Awards Ceremony took place at the Grifols Museum, which is located in the same building where the Grifols company started their activities, in 1940. Every year, the Albus Program gives two Albus Awards of 50,000 € to the best two innovative ideas related to albumin and its role as a therapeutic product. The project proposals are assessed by independent reviewers. In this year’s edition, the two award recipients were Anna Roig and Dr. Karl Oettl, from the Medical University of Graz (Austria). 
Good job Anna! We wish you good luck with this new project!

Laura Gonzalez

Ph.D. student 
2013 – 2017 
 Evaluating inorganic nanoparticles in the living organism Caenorhabditis elegans
Current position: 
Laboratoris Vinyes, Barcelona  

Anna Laromaine invited to NyNA and RICI7

Beginning of July was a very busy week  for Anna Laromaine! She was invited to two conferences as speaker. fisrt at the VIII International Congress on Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NyNA) 2017 held at the Casa Convalescencia in Barcelona from 3-5th of July. Then, from the 6-7th of July, she was invited at the VII Iberian Meeting on Colloids and Interfaces (RICI7) in Madrid. Anna Laromaine’s talks were related to our work on the use of bacterial cellulose and their composites with nanoparticles which were attended with great interest from the audience.

Good job Anna!

Anna Roig, invited speaker at the Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism

Last 3rd of July 2017, Anna Roig delivered the invited contribution “In-vitro and in-vivo screening of magnetic nanoparticles” at the Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism (MISM-2017). MISM Symposium is held every three years and it takes place at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. More the 1000 participants attended this edition where the communications addressed all aspects of magnetism. Anna Roig’s talk was included in the topic: Magnetism in Biology and Medicine.

The Lomonosov Moscow State Universitym where the MISM 2017 took place


Prof. Orit Shefi gives a seminar on “Nano-based platforms for controlling neuronal organization and growth”


On the 12th of June 2017, Prof. Prof. Orit Shefi (picture, right) was invited by the N&N groups to give an ICMAB periodical lecture entitled: Nano-based platforms for controlling neuronal organization and growth” Prof Orit Shefi comes from the Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials in Israel. She has a large expertise in manipulating neuronal growth and differentiation using substrates with controlled nano-structures. All the N&N group members attended and enjoyed the talk! 🙂 

31st Anniversary of ICMAB and… party!

It is a tradition to celebrate each spring the anniversary of ICMAB. On the 5th of May 2017 we all celebrated the 31st anniversary of our research centre with a party in the institute for all its members. There were many activities organized for this day: gymkhana, Poker, chess, Party&Co., 3D holograms workshop, swing class and exhibition, photo-call, and even a Ping-Pong tournament. All these activities were accompanied by food and drinks and there were prices for the winners in each category. 

Hologram worshop

We congratulate the winners of the gymkhana which were all members of the N&N group(above picture): Sole, Jordi, Olatz and Luo!

Members of the N&N group at the photo-call of the ICMAB party

Happy birthday ICMAB!