CORNEAL-BC project awarded with a LLAVOR grant!

Good news has been received from Programa d’Indústria del Coneixement! The project Novel Nanocellulose Patches to Treat Corneal Wounds (CORNEAL-BC) has been awarded with a 20.000€ grant.

The CORNEAL-BC team will be formed by Dr. Anna Roig and Dr. Anna Laromaine as supervisors, the PhD candidate Irene Anton as scientific entrepreneur and Natalia Martinez. Moreover, this project will be developed together with the experts from the Centre d’Oftalmologia Barraquer that will act as business mentors and will provide valuable clinical feedback.

The CORNEAL-BC project proposes a new concept of ocular surface bandage based on Bacterial Cellulose (BC). BC hydrogels will be functionalized with human Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to act not only as a protection of the corneal wounds but also as a bioactive bandage to accelerate regeneration.

Good luck to CORNEAL-BC!

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