Fruitful participation of NN researchers at the Spanish Worm Meeting!

All the N&N researchers working with the model organism C.elegans attended the last 28-29 March 2019 the VII Spanish Worm Meeting (SWM). They were very active participants! One oral presentation was given by Zhongrui Luo (“Evaluation of the nano-bio interaction between superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and Caenorhabditis elegans¨). Amanda Muñoz and Sumithra Srinivasan presented their work in a poster format. Good job!

My feeling is that it’s a valuable opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas with other scientific researchers with a similar background. Also I could consult with other experienced people to help me to improve my experimental skills– Says Luo about the meeting

The master student Amanda Muñoz also shares her experience at the confernece: It was a great opportunity to meet people in the field, know their work and discuss different C. elegans related experiments to improve. CRG and ICFO institutions created a perfect atmosphere to talk about worms without feeling a geek. N&N group from ICMAB had a good representation in this congress, Luo gave a speech about the consumption of SPIONS by C. elegans and created interest and curiosity in the audience. Sumithra and Amanda defended posters related with their PhD and Master projects. Two intense days that have been useful for our projects. We came back with a lot of new ideas, possible collaborations and lot of work. We are waiting for the next Spanish Worm meeting that will be in Logroño.  

Sumithra, PhD student,  describes her experience at the SWM as: Being the first conference in my PhD, the Spanish Worm Meeting (SWM) was indeed useful and informative. It helped me a lot to learn some genetics and developmental biology of C. elegans, which was not my background. Also, I got to interact with many scientists from C. elegans community. I think the conference helped me to carry forward my research and provided some opportunity for future collaborations. I am looking forward to future SWM and other conferences as well


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