Lab cleaning day in the lab!

Today was the lab cleaning day! Everybody collaborated and we managed to clean all the lab and update all the chemicals database =)

We also wish good luck to Qianzhe Zhang as new lab manager for the next months!

Thanks all!

And thank you Deyaa and Ma for the photos!

The lab was crowded for the lab cleaning
Dani, Luo and Irene cleaning the hoods and oven
Miquel updating the security cupboard chemical list
Ma and Anna with the chemical cupboard, and Ignasi and Jordi with the common material
“Is that thermometer working?” Jordi asks himself.
Ma and Ignasi, and outside, Monica, Aml and Deyaa.
Working on updating the common material list.
Lab cleaning: everybody with labcoat, gloves and goggles. Good laboratory practices!
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