New students at N&N Group!

This month the N&N Group acquired three new students – and each of them will work on a different research line. Say hello to Thomas, Andrea and Marc!


Thomas Meslier is a Master student from France who will work with Sole on patterning of bacterial cellulose.

“Hi! My name is Thomas, I am currently studying the Master Advanced Materials at the University of Bordeaux. I will carry out my Master thesis under the supervision of Dr. Anna Roig for the next 5 months. I decided to move to Barcelona thanks to the advice of my French supervisor, that told me that ICMAB is an excellent research center. During my internship, I will work on the patterning of bacterial cellulose with different types of nanoparticles.

Also, during my free time I like to play sports such as rugby, running or tennis!”





Andrea Stephany from Spain is a Degree student in Biochemistry. She will work on the PLGA nanocapsules project together with Yajie and Ariana.

“Hi! My name is Andrea, I’m a 21-year old Biochemistry student, currently doing an internship at ICMAB. I am working with the N&N group, more specifically in the MicroRNA Encapsulation in Polymeric Nanocapsules group. 

I just came back from studying abroad in New York City and now that I am back, I am excited to have the opportunity to learn as much as I can at ICMAB 🙂 â€







Marc Cervantes is a Catalan student doing his Degree in Nanoscience. In N&N Group he is going to be involved in Jan’s project, working on surface functionalization of mesoporous silica rods.

“My name is Marc Cervantes and I am from Sabadell, where I have lived all my life. Currently, I am studying Nanoscience & Nanotechnology in the UAB. It’s my first experience in an Institute like ICMAB, so It’s my first experience in an Institute like ICMAB, so I am very motivated to learn as much as possible

Out of the academic field, I am a futsal player since I was 6 and I work as a futsal coach since 2014. I love music, electronic especially and I used to play guitar years ago, but I have it a bit rusty.

Finally, I like going out to bars, so if one day someone wants to go, I will be pleased to invite you some drink, beer preferably. See you around here!”





We hope that you will enjoy your stay at N&N Group!

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