Pol has been accepted to an International Master Course in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

pol-farewellToday is Pol’s last day in the N&N Group. In the group meeting we gave him a little present and he brought some delicious pastries from his hometown, Manresa.

We will miss him, but we are happy that he has been accepted to the International Master in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC) with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.


This Master is a 2-years education program in the field of Energy-related Materials. During the first year, Pol will study in Toulouse (France) and in Warsaw (Poland); and in the second year in Córdoba (Spain). The last semester is dedicated to an internship. After successful completion of the curriculum, Pol will graduate with a multiple Master degree awarded by all universities of the consortium and recognised in each of the countries visited.

Congratulations Pol! Good luck and see you soon!

More info: https://www.u-picardie.fr/mundus-mesc/

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