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Hot off the press: new review about bacterial nanocellulose to treat epithelial tissues

We are happy to announce that our new review “Opportunities of Bacterial Cellulose to Treat Epithelial Tissues” is out and ready to download! This paper has been published on the journal “Current Drug Targets” on a special issue dedicated to Nanotechnology in Biomedical Applications. Do not miss this nice summary about the promising diverse applications of bacterial nanocellulose in regenerative medicine!

Jan participated in the 1st Spanish Conference on Biomedical Applications of Nanomaterials

7th-8th of June 2018

Jan Grzelak, PhD student at the N&N group, travelled to Madrid to attend the 1st Spanish Conference on Biomedical Applications of Nanomaterials (SBAN) held at the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (ICMM). Jan presented the poster “Mesoporous silica nanorods as theranostic platforms”.

Marcela, welcome (back) to the N&N group!

Marcela, a collaborator of the N&N group, arrived the 15th May 2017 to ICMAB and will stay with us for a short time. Here a few words about her work:

“Hello, I am Marcela B. Fernández van Raap from the Instituto de Fisica de La Plata (IFLP), Argentina. I have joined Anna Roig’s group for a 18 day visit. My research interests are mainly focused on the synthesis and development of new nanomediators and nanocarriers for biomedical applications like magnetic hyperthermia, drug delivery and tissue repair.”

 We wish Marcela a happy stay in the N&N group! 🙂

Marcela comes from the Instituto de Fisica de La Plata (IFLP), Argentina

Apply now for the Scientific Summer School on Materials for Biomedical Applications – June 19-22, 2017

ICMAB organizes the summer school “Materials for Biomedical Applications”, which will present the design, development and application of new materials for a wide range of biomedical applications. The summer school is addressed to last year undergraduate, master and PhD students

The school includes lectures from international and local speakers, hands on and management activities. As a consequence, this scientific school is an optimal opportunity to discover, learn and practise on material science focusing on fundamental science and applied research in the field of biomedicine.

The local organizing committee is formed by Arantzazu González, Anna Laromaine, Rosario Núñez, Jose Vidal-Gancedo and Gerard Tobias.

  • Application deadline: May 21, 2017
  • Places available: 50
  • Registration fee: 100 € (Scholarships available! Send your CV and motivation letter to matbio2017@icmab.es)
  • Flyer here
  • Webpage here

Farewell to Iván and Seminar of Esther Dalfo on biomedical applications of C. elegans

Iván GómezToday during the group meeting we said goodbye to Iván, who is leaving to continue his Ph.D. thesis in Colombia. Iván is a great chemist, who works with magnetic graphene for water decontamination. We wish him a lot of success in his thesis and in his future endeavours!

Esther Dalfo

On the other hand, Esther Dalfo gave us a nice talk on biomedical applications of C. elegans “Investigating neurodegeneration by using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans”. Esther is an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Neuroscience of the UAB, specialized in neurodegeneration and human genetics. Thank you! 

Group Meeting