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Farewell to Carlos

Last week we said goodbye to Carlos Moya, who has worked as a postdoc during one year at the N&N group. To farewell him, we organized a dinner in Barcelona! We wish all the best to Carlos, he will continue with his research career at his former group, in the University of Barcelona. See you soon Carlos! 

Farewell to María Jesús!

The academic year is over and we have to say goodbye to the master student María Jesús. As it is a tradition for the N&N group, María Jesús got a small present and a card from her lab-mates. We wish María Jesús a lot of success on her future career and persona projects! 


Farewell to Deyaa

Deyaa’s farewell

After two years with us, Deyaa Youssef is going back to Egypt to finish his PhD. Deyaa has worked during his time with us with bacterial cellulose nanocomposites. Today it was his last group meeting and the N&N group gave him a card and a present. Deyaa also brought a cake and a plate engraved with “Group NN“. We wish Deyaa a lot of success in his future career and in all the aspects of his life! Good luck!

Deyaa’s present to the N&N group
The Bacterial Nanocellulose team

Welcome to Olatz in the NN Group, and farewell to Dani and Valentin

In this week’s Group Meeting we welcomed Olatz Arriaga, an undergraduate student from the Basque Country. Olatz is studying “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), and will do her Final Bachelor’s Project under the supervision of Anna Roig, working in the synthesis of gold and titanium oxide nanoparticles.

We also said goodbye to Dani Beltran and Valentin Natarov, who are leaving this week the ICMAB. Dani will continue his Master in Biomedical Engineering at UB-UPC, and Valentin will go back to Belarus to continue his Master in Chemistry at Belarusian State University.

They both gave a very nice presentation on the work they have been doing in our group, about stabilizing non-stable polymorphs in mesoporous silica, and synthesizing iron oxide and silica nanocomposites for biomedical applications, under the supervision of Martí Gich and Anna Roig

Farewell to Iván and Seminar of Esther Dalfo on biomedical applications of C. elegans

Iván GómezToday during the group meeting we said goodbye to Iván, who is leaving to continue his Ph.D. thesis in Colombia. Iván is a great chemist, who works with magnetic graphene for water decontamination. We wish him a lot of success in his thesis and in his future endeavours!

Esther Dalfo

On the other hand, Esther Dalfo gave us a nice talk on biomedical applications of C. elegans “Investigating neurodegeneration by using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans”. Esther is an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Neuroscience of the UAB, specialized in neurodegeneration and human genetics. Thank you! 

Group Meeting


Pol has been accepted to an International Master Course in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

pol-farewellToday is Pol’s last day in the N&N Group. In the group meeting we gave him a little present and he brought some delicious pastries from his hometown, Manresa.

We will miss him, but we are happy that he has been accepted to the International Master in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC) with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.


This Master is a 2-years education program in the field of Energy-related Materials. During the first year, Pol will study in Toulouse (France) and in Warsaw (Poland); and in the second year in Córdoba (Spain). The last semester is dedicated to an internship. After successful completion of the curriculum, Pol will graduate with a multiple Master degree awarded by all universities of the consortium and recognised in each of the countries visited.

Congratulations Pol! Good luck and see you soon!

More info: https://www.u-picardie.fr/mundus-mesc/

“It has been an amazing experience with amazing people!” M.S. student says!

Congratulations and Farewell to our Master and Undergraduate students

pizza-1Today we had a group pizza-lunch to congratulate our students for their Master and Undergraduate Research Projects, and to say goodbye to them: Sebastià Parets (M.S.), Irene Anton (M.S.), Judit Fuentes (Undergrad), Adrià Gordillo (Undergrad) and Miquel Torras (Undergrad). 

The works they presented are the following: 

  • Irene Anton: Encapsulating endothelial progenitor cells’ secretome into magnetic nanocapsules for targeted vascular remodelling (A. Roig and A. Rossell, 01/07/2016)
  • Miquel Torras: Magneto-plasmonic nanomaterials: gols nanotriangles decorated with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (A. Roig, 05/07/2016)
  • Adrià Gordillo: Magneto-plasmonic multicomponent nanoparticles (A. Roig, 07/07/2016)
  • Judit Fuentes: Bacterial cellulose hybrids for plant healing (A. Laromaine, 12/07/2016))
  • Sebastià Parets: Production of spherical bacterial cellulose by Gluconacetobacter xylinum (A. Laromaine, 20/07/2016)

They all did a great job with us and it was very nice having them in the group. Good luck and more success on your new projects!

Deyaa, with his wife, Imi, and son, Omar. We finally met them!
The pizza-cutters!

Do YOU want to join us for your undergraduate or master’s project? Look what others said about the experience!:

  • Miquel: “I learned a lot. The best of my experience was that I enjoyed this learning. I’m very grateful!”
  • Sebastià: “It has been an amazing experience with amazing people!”
  • Adrià: “It has been a wonderful semester working in an amazing group, where I have consolidated a lot of knowledge from the degree.”
  • Judit: “It has been an excellent experience here at ICMAB, if I could go back in time I would come here again! Thank everyone for making my stay here so nice. See you!”

Farewell to Laura Asturias!

farewell-laura AIn today’s group meeting, Laura Asturias presented her work on “Gold nanoparticles/carbon thin film sensors for the determination of mercury in seawater“. It was her last presentation within the N&N Group, since she is leaving next week! 🙁

After the talk, we gave her a farewell card and some presents. We will miss her, and from now on electrochemistry will always remind us to her.

We also would like to congratulate her for graduating from the “Máster Universitario en Profesor de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria y Bachillerato, Formación Profesional y Enseñanza de Idiomas” at the Universidad de Burgos. Congratulations! 😀

We wish Laura a lot of success in her future career, either as a teacher or as a scientist (or both!) and in all the aspects of her life! Good luck!


Farewell to Jana and welcome to Iván and Deyaa – Group Lunch and Lab Cleaning Day

IMG_20160401_132834-groupThis Friday, after the Lab Cleaning (good job!) we had a N&N Group Lunch to say goodbye to Jana, who did a fantastic job at ICMAB and now is going back to ETH Zurich, and to welcome the two new visiting Ph.D. students, Deyaa, from Egypt, and Iván, from Colombia.

There were 15 of us today! The group always gets big in spring time with all the new students! 


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