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How can synchrotron light be used to protect the environment? Researchers from INTE-UPC show us how.

Our collaborators from the research group NEMEN (Nanoengineering of Materials applied to Energy) at the Institue of Energy Technologies (INTE-UPC) appear in this video from ALBA Synchrotron at UPC-TV. 

Accediu a la descripció del vídeo (obriu l'enllaç en una finestra nova)

The video shows how the synchrotron light is used to verify the design of the catalysts and photocatalysts used either for hydrogen generation (to be used in energy applications, instead of fossil fuels), or for the removal of air pollutants (especially coming from the exhaust pipes of cars, trucks, and public transportation in cities). 

In our group we synthesize some of these photocatalysts used for hydrogen generation from water/ethanol gaseous mixtures under UV-light irradiation

Jordi Llorca, one of our collaborators from INTE-UPC, in the Catalan newspaper ara.cat, talks about photocatalysis

Ciència.cat from ara.catJordi Llorca, from Institut de Tècniques Energètiques (INTE-UPC) explains in this video from the newspaper ara, one of the projects in which we collaborate: photocatalysis for hydrogen production from sunlight, a photocatalyst formed by TiO2/Au nanoparticles, and water: 

The video is part of the article, in Catalan: Com produïm electricitat amb el sol i l’hidrogen? 

In the video he says: “We obtain hydrogen -which is not in its free state in the Earth- to act as a source of energy, and to obtain it, we use use sunlight -completely clean-, a photocatalyst containing nanoparticles, and water.”

This article is part of a special issue called Ciència.cat about research and science in Catalunya, appeared this last Sunday with the newspaper ara.

You can find the special issue here: Ciència.cat