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ICMAB party 2018

17th May, 2018

Every spring, ICMAB celebrates its anniversary with a party for all the members of the institute. This year the N&N group members participated in many of the purposed activities: orienteering race (second place for the team of Mart√≠, Jan and Miquel), tango lessons, custumes contest (second prize for the NN group), the concert by the ICMAB-choir (Anna Roig) and the ping-pong tournament where Mart√≠ Gich was a finalist!

We all enjoyed the diverse and original activities and thank all the organizers.

The orienteering race brought us to many unknown corners of the UAB-campus
The concert
Second prize

31st Anniversary of ICMAB and… party!

It is a tradition to celebrate each spring the anniversary of ICMAB. On the 5th of May 2017 we all celebrated the 31st anniversary of our research centre with a party in the institute for all its members. There were many activities organized for this day: gymkhana, Poker, chess, Party&Co., 3D holograms workshop, swing class and exhibition, photo-call, and even a Ping-Pong tournament. All these activities were accompanied by food and drinks and there were prices for the winners in each category. 

Hologram worshop

We congratulate the winners of the gymkhana which were all members of the N&N group(above picture): Sole, Jordi, Olatz and Luo!

Members of the N&N group at the photo-call of the ICMAB party

Happy birthday ICMAB!