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Follow up meeting of the project “Bacterial nanocellulose to treat ocular surface disorders”

Last 26th February 2019 Irene Anton, Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig met with our collaborators Ralph Michael and Justin D’antin, researchers from the Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer for the follow-up of the project “Bacterial nanocellulose to treat ocular surface disorders”. This multidisciplinary work aims at finding clinical applications of bacterial nanocellulose in the field of ophthalmology and is part of the doctoral thesis of Irene Anton.

Sole Roig and Anna Roig participated in the EMN Meeting on Cellulose

From September 10th to 14th, the Energy Materials and Nanotechnology meeting focused on cellulose took place in the UAB Campus, Barcelona. Sole Roig and Anna Roig from the N&N group, actively participated in this event: Anna Roig chaired two general sessions and delivered the talk “Topography modifications and nanocomposites of bacterial nanocellulose” and Sole Roig orally presented her work “Confined nanoparticle multilayer bacterial cellulose composite”.


Good job girls!



Sole Roig with her presentation about bacterial cellulose multi stacks
Anna Roig’s oral presentation



Anna Laromaine invited to NyNA and RICI7

Beginning of July was a very busy week  for Anna Laromaine! She was invited to two conferences as speaker. fisrt at the VIII International Congress on Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NyNA) 2017 held at the Casa Convalescencia in Barcelona from 3-5th of July. Then, from the 6-7th of July, she was invited at the VII Iberian Meeting on Colloids and Interfaces (RICI7) in Madrid. Anna Laromaine’s talks were related to our work on the use of bacterial cellulose and their composites with nanoparticles which were attended with great interest from the audience.

Good job Anna!

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Severo-Ochoa Program visits the ICMAB

Luis M. Liz-Marzán, member of the SAB, with Anna Roig, Anna Laromaine and Irene Anton from the NN GroupToday and tomorrow (November 21-22) we have at ICMAB the members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Severo-Ochoa program, formed by internationally highly recognised researchers.


For this reason, this morning the coordinators of each Research Line have presented the main highlights, objectives and future perspectives of each Research Line. In the afternoon, the SAB members, guided by a PhD Student, had the opportunity to learn about the on-going research of each Research Group, with the help of the dedicated posters.


Our group had four posters on show:

  1. Bacterial cellulose, a biopolymer with a myriad of potential applications
  2. Evaluating inorganic nanoparticles in vivo on Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans)
  3. Nanomaterials designed for pro-angiogenic therapies aimed at neurorepair after a stroke
  4. Multiferroic ε-Fe2O3 films at room temperature

Irene Anton was the guide of Luis M. Liz-Marzán, from CIC biomaGUNE, San Sebastián (Spain). 


News at ICMAB webpage here

Follow-up meeting of the Engineering Bacterial Cellulose Nanocomposites (E-BCN) Project

Follow-up meeting after seven months of starting the E-BCN project (Engineering Bacterial Cellulose Nanocomposites).

Two PhD students, Soledad Roig and Irene Anton, will be added to the project team. Soledad will work in structuring and patterning bacterial cellulose, and Irene in applying bacterial cellulose nanocomposites for skin regenaration. 

Participants of the project include: Anna Roig, Dino Tonti, Jordi Faraudo, Anna Laromaine, Martí Gich, Anna May, Soledad Roig and Irene Anton.

Anna Roig at the HINT COST Action Final Meeting in Aveiro, Portugal

aveiroThe Final Meeting of the COST Action on Hybrid Interfaces (HINT) will take place on October 10-12, 2016, at the Reitoria building of the University of Aveiro, Portugal. The meeting aims at sharing the learned lessons on design, control, and dynamics of interfaces in hybrid organic-inorganic materials over the last four years in which the different partners have worked on this topics. 

Anna Roig will participate in the meeting and will give a talk on “Bio-screening of protein coated SPIONs: in vitro and in vivo by the C. elegans model” (Monday, October 10, 5.40 pm).

For more information on the agenda, please visit the conference webiste: http://costhint.web.ua.pt/




Martí Gich at the COMMON SENSE 36 Month meeting in Sardinia


Martí Gich is at the COMMON SENSE 36 Month meeting, which will take place in Oristano, Sardinia, on September 29-30. The COMMON SENSE project aims at developing low cost sensors that will revolutionise current marine monitoring strategies.

Please enjoy this short video featuring field testing of COMMON SENSE sensors, which have been testes in various cruises throughout the past year: 

Website of the project: http://www.commonsenseproject.eu/

Poster session of the 2nd Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students (PhD Meeting)

Poster Session

The Poster Session of the 2nd Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students (PhD Meeting) was a success. Here some members of the N&N group showing their posters at the Hall of the Facultat de Ciències i Biociències of the UAB: Iván, Adrià and Miquel, Irene, Deyaa and Qianzhe.

  • Iván Gómez: Adsorption of toxic metal ions onto magnetic graphene oxide
  • Iván Gómez Adrià Gordillo and Miquel Torras: Magneto-plasmonic multimaterial nanoparticles
    Adrià Gordillo and Miquel Torras
  • Irene Anton: Encapsulating endothelial progenitor cell’s secretome for vascular remodeling therapiesIrene Anton
  • Deyaa Youssef: Production of bacterial nano-cellulose as a terrific natural polymerDeyaa Youssef
  • Qianzhe Zhang: Stabilization of epitaxial quartz on Si from amorphous silica filmsqianzhe

Large participation of the N&N Group at the 2nd Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students (PhD Meeting)

JPHD2016-PhD meetingJune 29th-30th are devoted to the “2nd Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students”, which will take place at the Sala d’Actes of the Facultat de Ciències i Biociències (UAB). The meeting is aimed to present the work done by the PhD students of the Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster – Bellaterra (ICMAB, ICN2, IMB-CNM, UAB, ALBA), promoting networking among all the students in an academic and scientific environment. 

The N&N group will have a large participation in the event, both from PhD students and Master and Undergraduate students: 

  • Laura González (PhD student) will give a talk on “Evaluation of Inorganic nanoparticles in the model organism C. elegans(Session 2, June 29th, 12.15 h).
  • The following posters will be presented (Poster sessions: June 29th 10.45-12.00 h; June 30th 10.30-11.15 h):
    • Adsorption of toxic metal ions onto magnetic graphene oxide (Iván Gómez, Visiting PhD student)
    • Encapsulating endothelial progenitor cell’s secretome for vascular remodeling therapies (Irene Anton, Master student)
    • Magneto-plasmonic multimaterial nanoparticles (Miquel Torras and Adrià Gordillo, Undergraduate students)
    • Production of bacterial nano-cellulose as a terrific natural polymer (Deyaa Youssef, Visiting PhD student)
    • Stabilization of epitaxial quartz on Si from amorphous silica films (Qianzhe Zhang, PhD student)

The program of the event can be downloaded here

For further information, please visit: http://congresses.icmab.es/jphd2016/

Martí Gich and Laura Asturias attended the 30-Month Meeting of the FP7 COMMON SENSE project at DCU, IRELAND

commonsense groupMartí Gich and Laura Asturias attended the 30-Month Meeting of the FP7 COMMON SENSE project at Dublin City University, in Ireland, on April 6th – 7th, 2016. 

The COMMON SENSE project‘s title is “Cost-effective sensors, interoperable with international existing ocean observing systems, to meet EU policies requirements“, and the main topic of this meeting was Work Package 7: Sensors for in-situ monitoring of heavy metals. The COMMON SENSE project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Program (Ocean 2013-2) under the grant agreement no 614155.

logo-commonsenseLaura Asturias PresentationLaura Asturias giving the presentation in the meeting.