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Hot off the press: published paper on Nanoscale Horizons!

Our new publication Nanocellulose films with multiple functional nanoparticles in confined spatial distribution is already out! This work has been published on Nanoscale Horizons and describes a laminated multifunctional bacterial cellulose nanocomposite. Congratulations to all the authors for this original piece of work!

Nanocellulose films with multiple functional nanoparticles in confined spatial distribution

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Anna Roig and Anna Laromaine presented our research at the nanoMATERIALS & PLANTS: ICMAB-CRAG meeting

On Monday, July 16, 2018, the first ICMAB-CRAG meeting took place at CRAG. The goal of this meeting was to promote new collaborations among researchers from the ICMAB and the CRAG.


Anna Laromaine, who already collaborates with CRAG with the project “Plant nano-healing“, gave an overview about the C.elegans and the bacterial cellulose research lines in the N&N group. Later, Anna Roig presented the library of nanoparticles and its diverse applications that the N&N group has developed in the recent years.

Anna Laromaine during her talk at CRAG
Anna Roig showing the different types of nanoparticles produced by the N&N group

MAGBBRIS project kicks off

The MAGBBRIS Consortium, where Yajie Zhang and Anna Roig participate, celebrated its kickoff meeting during the 26th and 27th of March 2018. The project coordinator, Anna Rosell, welcomed the participants at the Vall d’Hebron Research institute (VHIR), in Barcelona. 


During the meetings the participants had the opportunity to understand better the EuroNanoMed Joint Call thanks to Janna Slabbekoorn from the Competitive Calls Unit from VHIR. Afterwards they heard a little bit about each partner’s background related to the project. the members of the consortium could also learn about the past work using endothelial progenitor cells for the treatment of stroke, nanocapsule synthesis, pre-clinical and clinical magnetic resonance imaging, different in vitro models of the blood-brain barrier, manufacturing of high volumes of proteins under GMP conditions and magnetic targeting of nanomaterials.


We wish a lot of success to the MAGBBRIS project! 

Dr. Natascia Ventura gives a ICMAB Periodical Lecture

On Monday 8th of May, Natascia Vetura will give a seminar entitled:”C. elegans as screening tool to identify environmentally related nanomaterials targeting mitochondria“.The talk will take place in the Sala d’actes Carles Miravitlles at ICMAB. the seminar is organized by Anna Laromaine from the N&N group. 

Dr. Natascia Ventura

Natascia’s lab is interested in understanding the role of mitochondria in environmentally induced neuronal aging and diseases. To this end, Ventura’s team exploits C. elegans as a powerful genetic and screening tool to evaluate materials and chemical and unravel molecular mechanisms of mitochondria-associated diseases, with special attention revolved to the crosstalk between genetic and environmental interventions.

Hope to see you all there! 

Anna Roig will participate in a PhD Thesis Committee at Universitat Jaume I (Castelló de la Plana)

Anna Roig will participate this Monday 13th March in a Ph.D. Thesis Committee at Universiat Jaume I in Castelló de la Plana (País Valencià). 

The thesis, written by Francisco Gonell Gómez, is entitled “Design of new nanomaterials for their use in catalysis and photochemistry”

The Ph.D. Supervisors are Beatriz Julián López, Tenure Professore of Inorganic Chemistry at Universitat Jaume I, and Avelino Corma Canós, Research Professor at Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ-CSIC). 


Congratulations to Anna May for the Extraordinary Ph.D. Award

IMG-20160211-WA0005We congratulate Anna May for obtaining the Extraordinary Ph.D Award (Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat) for her thesis entitled “Insights into nanomaterials: from surfactant systems to meso/macroporous materials and nanoparticles“, carried out at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), and supervised by José María Gutiérrez and Montserrat Porras.

The awards ceremony took place today, February 11, at the UB Paranimf, and was also the ceremony to award the epidemiologist and oncologist Francesc Xavier Bosch with the honorary doctorate (doctor honoris causa). Dr. F. Xavier Bosch is well-known for participating in the development of the HPV vaccine.


Large Participation of the N&N group members at the Fourth International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials

fourth multifunctional

Fourth International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials (Hybrid Materials 2015) in Sitges (near Barcelona), Spain | 9 – 13 March 2015

To know more about the group activities: 

  • Tuesday 10 Symposium B1, 15:50‐16:10 [OB1.05.06]  Versatility of supercritica fluids as reaction media for hybrid SPIONs‐silica‐polymer biomaterials, N. Murillo‐Cremaes, J. Saurina, P. Subra‐Paternault, C. Domingo* (presenter) , A. Roig
  • Tuesday 10 Symposium B1, 16:10‐16:30 [OB1.05.07] Bacterial cellulose films: Origami and scaffoldsM. Zeng, A. Roig, A. Laromaine* (presenter)
  • Wenesday 11 Symposium A 12:20‐12:40 [OA.07.04] Encapsulation of a growth factor in magnetic polymeric nanocapsules,  E. Carenza, O. Jordan, P. Martínez‐San Segundo, R. Jirik4, Z. Starcuk jr., G. Borchard, A. Rosell, A. Roig* (presenter)
  • Wenesday 11 Symposium C  13:00‐13:20 [OC.07.06] Thin epitaxial quartz films with tunable textures on silicon, A. Carretero‐Genevrier, M. Gich* (presenter), L. Picas, J. Gazquez, G.L. Drisko, C. Boissiere, D. Grosso, J. Rodriguez‐Carvajal, C. Sanchez
  • Thursday 12 Symposium A 10:00‐10:20 [OA.08.03] C. elegans: a model to evaluate nanoparticles?, L. Gonzalez‐Moragas* (presenter), E. Carenza, S. Yu, A. Roig, A. Laromaine
  • A poster presented by M. Gich on Bismuth Carbon nanocomposites for heavy metal sensor detection



Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig will participate at a CNRS-CSIC workshop

cnrsThe First joint CSIC‐CNRS workshop on “Nanomaterials for Health” will be held in Madrid on 18th‐19th November 2013.

Chairs: Prof. Luisa de Cola (CNRS) and Dr. Puerto Morales (CSIC).

Anna Roig will present the N&N work on SESSION 3: Nanomaterials for health and cell interaction.

More info at: http://www.csic.es/colaboracion-instituciones-extranjeras

Program: download

Elisa Carenza and Muling Zeng represented ICMAB at Nobel Campus “Chemistry for Life”.

nobel campusLast 1st to 4th of July took place in Tarragona the Nobel Campus “Chemistry for Life”. ICMAB was represented by two students Elisa Carenza and Muling Zeng.

They had the chance to interact with Nobel Laureates as Sidney Altman, Ryoji Noyori, Barry Sharpless, Aaron Ciechanover, Richard R. Schrock y Ada E.Yonath.

Prof. Ada E. Yonath was appointed as mentor of Elisa Carenza and Muling Zeng. They had the opportunity to present their work to Prof. Ada E. Yonath and she provided feedback and advice for their future career.

 Overall some extraordinary scientific days!

Oral presentation of Anna Roig in Kolkata (India)

Great success in the oral presentation entitled “Engineering iron oxide nanoparticles for theranostic (therapeutic and diagnosis) applications in nanomedicine”.

Anna Roig delivered this seminar in the framework of ATHENA SCHOOL for advanced modeling of magnetic oxides, SN Bose Institute – Kolkata (India), 9th-12th April 2012.




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