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Sole Roig and Anna Roig participated in the EMN Meeting on Cellulose

From September 10th to 14th, the Energy Materials and Nanotechnology meeting focused on cellulose took place in the UAB Campus, Barcelona. Sole Roig and Anna Roig from the N&N group, actively participated in this event: Anna Roig chaired two general sessions and delivered the talk “Topography modifications and nanocomposites of bacterial nanocellulose” and Sole Roig orally presented her work “Confined nanoparticle multilayer bacterial cellulose composite”.


Good job girls!



Sole Roig with her presentation about bacterial cellulose multi stacks
Anna Roig’s oral presentation



High participation of the N&N group at the 3rd Scientific Meeting of PhD Students

November 7th and 8th:
ICMAB hosted the third edition of the Meeting of PhD students from the Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster – Bellaterra (ICMAB, ICN2, IMB-CNM, UAB, ALBA). This event is intended at  promoting the networking between them in an academic and scientific environment. The PhD students from the N&N group participated largely with posters and oral contributions:

Miquel Torras: Fast and simple microwave synthesis of functional multimaterial goldnanoparticles
Sole Roig: Engineering bacterial cellulose during the biosynthesis
Yajie Zhang: Multifunctional Platform of Nanocapsules as Drug Carrier for Angiogenic Therapies

Oral presentations:
Zhongrui Luo: Evaluation of the nano-bio interactions between Au-NPs and Caenorhabditis elegans
Zheng Ma: Understanding ferroelectricity in epsilon-Fe2O3 films
Irene Anton: Functionalized bacterial nanocellulose for epithelial regeneration

And… Irene was awarded with the second award for the best oral presentation!


23rd-27th Octobre 2017

Anna Roig was invited to the XVII Congreso Colombiano de Química where she participated in two different ways: Anna gave and Invited talk entitled: “Inorganic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Uses; from Cradle to Grave” and she also delivered a lecture in the pre-congress course in the topic of “In-vivo Imaging Techniques: Materials Science and Nanotechnology Challenges”.

During her visit to Colombia, Anna also visited the University of Santo Tomás, where she presented the work of the N&N group in a talk called: “Bacterial Nanocellulose Functional Nanocomposites”

Anna Roig with Iván, a former member of the N&N group

Anna May and Anna Laromaine participate in the festival 10alamenos9

 Yesterday (26th April 2017) two members of the N&N Group actively participated in a science outreach festival called 10alamenos9: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Festival!

The aim of this event is to bring nanotechnology closer to society. It is addressed to people of all ages and educational backgrounds and takes place in different cities in Spain. 

In Barcelona, Anna May participated in an interactive seminar that took place in the science museum CosmoCaixa. She showed some of the materials synthesized at ICMAB. 

Anna May at the 10alamenos9 festival in CosmoCaixa Barcelona).

Together with Alex Argemí (ICN2) and Francesc Pérez-Murano (CNM), from the Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster Bellaterra (BNC-b),  Anna Laromaine gave a talk on Nanomedicine in Casa de la Cultura de Sant Cugat. In the event, ESCIENCIA also participated with some demonstrative experiments. 

Anna Laromiane giving her talk in Casa de la Cultura (Sant Cugat)

Anna Laromaine at the NANO TECH 2017 exhibition in Tokyo

Anna Laromaine will be at the International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference (NANO TECH 2017) within the CSIC Scientific Representation.

The CSIC will be one of the exhibitors, presenting novel products in nanotechnology: new functionalized composites of nanocellulose and fibrous clays, biosensors for simultaneous detection of several biological samples in solution, nanostructured networks for applications in energy, optical devices, microelectronics, etc., or devices to induce hyperthermia in cells through magnetic nanoparticles, among others.

NANO TECH 2017 will take place in Tokyo (Japan), at the Tokyo Big Sight, from 13-15 February 2017. 

Tokyo Big Sight

Jordi Floriach Clark will present his work on “Techniques for Bacterial Cellulose Production, Modification and Characterisation” at UAB

Jordi, student of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at UAB, will present his work entitled “Techniques for Bacterial Cellulose Production, Modification and Characterisation“, next January 19th, at 9.30 am, at Sala de Graus II C5/1068 (Science Faculty, UAB). 

Bacterial cellulose drops functionalized with nanoparticles

Jordi has been with us for nearly 7 months, and he has been working under the supervision of Anna Laromaine, as part of his practical studies (UAB coordinator is Dolors Baró).

We are very happy that he will continue with us to do his Bachelor’s Final Project until next summer!

Remember when… Anna Laromaine was a postdoc at Harvard University with George Whitesides in 2008-2011

Anna shows her 3D cell cultures. Ref: Mètode, 2010.

We release this new section today: Remember when…

And we start the section with Anna Laromaine. When she was a postdoc at George Whitsides Research Group at Harvard University (2008-2011), Pere Estupinyà interviewed George Whitesides for the monography “Nano: transforming the world with nanotechnology” from the magazine Mètode, the science outreach magazine written in Catalan from the University of Valencia. 

Apart from interviewing the professor, Pere Estupinyà visited the lab and talked to the Ph.D. students and postdoc fellows that were working there. This is when he talked with Anna Laromaine about the projects she was developing: 3D cells culture, and paper strips as biosensors for diagnosis

You can find the interview here: http://metode.cat/revistes-metode/entrevista-monografic/george-whitesides.html (available in Catalan, Spanish and English)

And the PDF in Catalan: NANO: Transformant el món amb la nanotecnologia

Anna also appeared in Pere Estupinyà’s blog “Apuntes científicos desde el MIT”: http://blogs.elpais.com/apuntes-cientificos-mit/2009/10/page/2/ 
In the last paragraph, Pere says “But I cannot end this post without mentioning the conversation with Anna over lunch. Anna perfectly represents the Spanish scientist eager to return home to do research, file patents, and help in the generation of both knowledge and wealth. After budget cuts a couple of weeks ago, she sees it increasingly difficult.” But she is back! Anna managed to go back to her country and be a scientist! Congratulations.

Anna shows some paper strips that are used in diagnosis. Ref: Mètode, 2010.



Anna Roig gives a nano-lecture at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in Santander


Anna Roig gives the lecture “Fabricación e integración de nanomateriales en productos y dispositivos” today July 11th, at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, within the course Nanotecnología: luces y sombras del control de la materia a escala atómica (Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale).

Related post: New course! Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale

New course! Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale

uimpAnna Roig will give a lecture in the new course of “Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale” organized by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP), that will take place in Santander (Cantabria) between 11-15th July 2016. Anna’s lecture is entitled Manufacture and integration of nanomaterials in products and devices”.

If you would like to attend the course, specially recommended for 3rd and 4th year students of scientific degrees (but open to everybody), or for more information about the speakers and the program, please visit the course website.


Paper in collaboration with ICN2 in RSC Advances

Dual T1/T2 MRI contrast agent based on hybrid SPION@coordination polymer nanoparticles

The study GAby M. Borges, S. Yu, A. Laromaine, A. Roig, S. Súarez-García, J. Lorenzo,D. Ruiz-Molina and F. Novio* has just been published in RSC Advances 2015, 5, 86779–86783.

The paper reports a novel hybrid T1/T2 dual MRI contrast agent by the encapsulation of SPIONs (T2 contrast agent) into an iron-based coordination polymer with T1-weighted signal. This new hybrid material presents improved relaxometry and low cytotoxicity, which make it suitable for its use as contrast agent for MRI.



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