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We welcome Maria as a new group member

Maria is a biochemist that obtained a Phd in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the UAB. She joints us to be our expert in cell culture studies. She will work in several group projects but very directly in the European Commission funded project “Interactions in Three-dimensional (3D) in vitro environments of Nanoparticles and Cells” lead by Anna Laromaine.



Welcome to Si Ming Yu!

South_China_University_of_Technology_logoSi Ming has joined us for the next three years as a CSC fellow. He is a gradute in Food Engineering from the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou and will  prepare a Ph.D. on the Interactions in Three-dimensional environments of Nanoparticles and Cells under the supervision of Anna Laromaine. We wish him  a great success with his work and an enriching personal experience among us.

Welcome to Pengfei Niu!

Sichuan_University_logoPengfei is a Master Graduate in Polymer Composites from the Univesity of Sichuan in Chengdu (China). He will spend 3 years with us thanks to the financial support of the China Scholarship Council  to complete a Ph.D. working in the development of nanocomposite sensors prepared by Sol-Gel chemistry. We wish him plenty of scientific and personal success.


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