Cngratulations, Dr. Yajie Zhang!

On September 15, N&N Group member Yajie Zhang defended his PhD thesis, entitled “Multimodal Imaging PLGA Nanocapsules as Protein Carrier for Potential Neurorepair in Ischemic Brain“.

Yajie’s thesis was supervised by N&N Group leader Anna Roig and Anna Rosell from Vall d’Hebron Research Institute.

Congratulations to Yajie and his supervisors!

Hot off the press: paper in MDPI pharmaceutics!

The paper “MRI/Photoluminescence Dual-Modal Imaging Magnetic PLGA Nanocapsules for Theranostics” has been recently published in the January issue of the journal MDPI Pharmaceutics.

Congratulations to N&N PhD student Yajie Zhang and to Anna Roig!

This study has been carried out in collaboration with Anna Rosell group from Vall d´Hebron Research Institute in Barcelona. 

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ACCEPTED PAPER! Encapsulation of VEGF165 in magnetic PLGA nanocapsules


Encapsulation of VEGF165 in magnetic PLGA nanocapsules for potential local delivery and bioactivity into human brain endothelial cells


Elisa Carenza, Olivier Jordan, Pablo San Segundo Martínez, Radovan Jiřík, Zenon Starčuk jr., Gerrit Borchard, Anna Rosell* and Anna Roig*  


 J. Mater. Chem. B, 2015, 

 Accepted Manuscript 
 DOI: 10.1039/C4TB01895H
New drug delivery systems based on biodegradable magnetic nanocapsules for targeted delivery of pro-angiogenic proteins, potentially useful in therapeutic angiogenesis