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Natalia Martínez and Amanda Muñoz at the Biotechnology Annual Congress

10th-12th July 2019: The master students, Natalia Martínez and Amanda Muñoz attended the Biotechnology Annual Congress (BAC2019) at Madrid. They presented their research in a poster session. This congress gathers biotechnologist students and experts from different fields every July. This year, the principal talks were about metabolomics, business, nanomedicine and bio-imprinting. Looking forward for the next Biotechnology Annual Congress in Zaragoza next July!

Good job Natalia and Amanda! 


Siming Yu gave a presentation at IDS-FunMat in Belgium.



 IDS-FunMat is an EMMI International Doctoral School for Functional Materials, supported by ERASMUS MUNDUS.


The fourth Training School took place on 16-21 March in Spa, Belgium where a number of high-profile external speakers were invited. Siming gave a presentation on the stability of nanoparticles in biological media which is part of his PhD thesis.

Oral presentation of Anna Roig in Kolkata (India)

Great success in the oral presentation entitled “Engineering iron oxide nanoparticles for theranostic (therapeutic and diagnosis) applications in nanomedicine”.

Anna Roig delivered this seminar in the framework of ATHENA SCHOOL for advanced modeling of magnetic oxides, SN Bose Institute – Kolkata (India), 9th-12th April 2012.