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Welcome Genís and Albert

The N&N group keeps growing! This term we welcome two new master students, both of them will be funded by a Severo Ochoa Collaborative Scholarship

Genís Rabost

My name is Genís Rabost and I am from Sant Antoni de Vilamajor (Barcelona). Currently, I am studying a Biomedical Engineering Master’s Degree in UB-UPC. Thanks to the Severo Ochoa collaboration scholarship, I will be working in the N&N group for five months under the supervision of Anna Laromaine. My project is focused on the study of the interaction between nanoparticles and C. Elegans. 


Albert Serra

My name is Albert Serra and I will be staying for five months at ICMAB thanks to a Severo Ochoa collaboration scholarship from CSIC. During this period of time I will be working on the development of thin film carbon microelectrodes for the analysis of arsenic in water, under the supervision of Dr. Martí Gich.