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High marks for our M.S. and Undegraduate Students!

Congratulations to our students for their excellent marks in their Research Projects!

Ander Arbide 
Undergraduate Student Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, UAB
Title: Thin film C/SiO2 electrodes: detection of heavy metals in water
Supervisor: Martí Gich and César Fernández
Mark: 9.1/10
Date of defense: July 7th, 2017




Master’s degree in Applied Materials Chemistry, UB
Title: Fast and simple microwave synthesis of functional multimaterial gold nanoparticles
Supervisor: Anna Roig
Mark: 9.6/10
Date of defense: July 4th, 2017
Olatz Arriaga
Undergraduate Student Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, UAB
Title: Synthesis of nanoparticles by microwave-assisted routes
Supervisor: Anna Roig
Mark: 8.6/10 
Date of defense: July 12th, 2017
It has been very nice to work with you this year, the N&N group wishes you good luck with your next projects!

Students from Universitat de Vic visit ICMAB

On May 10th, three bio-medical engineering students form the University of Vic visited ICMAB and its facilities. They are Laura Gonzalez students of the bio-materials course. Sole and Irene showed them the crystallography lab and other ICMAB facilities: NANOQUIM, electron microscopes among others. After that, several members of the N&N group gave a talk explaining to the students which are our main research lines.

Luo shows his C.elegans to Lorena from the UVic

Anna Roig (May 8th 2017) and Anna Laromaine (May 15th 2017) will also participate in this biomaterial course by giving two seminars in the University of Vic. 

Good job and thanks to all the participants!  🙂 

Welcome to new Master students in the N&N group

Irene+Sebastià The beginning of the year is always time for new incorporations in the N&N group. This year we are pleased to welcome Irene Anton, master student in Biomedical Research (UPF), and Sebastià Parets, master student in Advanced Biotechnology (UAB). They will carry out their Master’s Thesis with us for the next 6 months. Sebastià will be under the supervision of Anna Laromaine, and working with bacterial cellulose; and Irene, under the supervision of Anna Roig, working with polymeric nanocapsules for biomedical applications. Welcome to both of them!