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Today is the Biomed PhD Day Symposium at Campus de l’Alimentació de Torribera (UB)

biomed-carteThe Biomedicine PhD Program team organizes this one day symposium Biomed PhD Day on December 7th at Universitat de Barcelona – Campus de l’Alimentació de Torribera

Some of the most experienced and renowned researchers in the field, such as Dr. Manel Esteller (Cancer Epigenetics, Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute – IDIBELL), Dr. Antoni Trilla (Epidemiologist, Hospital Clinic, ISGlobal), and Dr. Patrick Aloy (Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology, Institute for Research in Biomedicine – IRB), will give Invited Lectures in the symposium.

The symposium will also include some interesting workshops on subjects of specific interest for PhD students, such as “10 tips to get your paper published in high-impact journals and how to avoid rejections” by Dr. Marta Pulido, “The anomaly of women in science” by Dr. Sònia Estradé, “Business and technology transfer in Biomedicine: why the prospect of making money is not that bad” by Dr. Luís Ruiz Ávila or “Planning your Academic Career, with an Open Mind” by Dr. Elisabeth Pain, among others. 

More information:


Deyaa will attend the XV Workshop on Rapid methods and automation in food microbiology

logo_xv_workshop_mramaFrom November 22nd to 25th there is the XV Workshop on Rapid methods and automation in food microbiology at the Veterinary Faculty of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). 

This workshop is organized by Centre d’Innovació, Recerca i Transferència en Tecnologia dels Aliments and Departament de Ciència animal i dels aliments, and is based on the original idea from Professor Dr. Daniel Y. C. Fung (Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA).

The purpose of the workshop is to broaden and spread the theoretical and practical knowledge about innovative methods for rapid detection, enumeration, isolation and characterization of foodborne and waterborne microorganisms and their products.

The workshop will consist on different presentations from researchers and industry, lab sessions and exhibitions. Read the program here

We hope that Deyaa learns new things and enjoys it! 

Some images of the workshop:


dsc_0139 dsc_0137 dsc_0136

The N&N Group at the Campus Gutenberg for scientific communication and culture

gutenbAnna May and Irene Anton have attended the Campus Gutenberg for scientific communication and culture during September 12-13, at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) – Campus Mar and at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB). 

The conference consisted of some interesting debates on “How to measure the excellence and the impact of science”, “Great discoveries and controversy in the media”, or “Science museums and schools: how to develop mutual relations”. The other sessions consisted of different workshops about science, education, communication, social media, etc. A special mention to the session by Ignacio Morgado (from the Institute of Neuroscience of the UAB) on “Perceptual illusions: is the world how we see it?“, in which he made the audience realize that a lot of what we see, smell, hear… is only in our brain. 

Fix the eye for one minute in the cross on the top-left side of the picture, and then move the eye to the right side. If everything works, you will see a greenish colour. Repeat for the bottom-left cross, and then you will see a yellow colour on the bottom-right. Does it work?

Also, a special mention for Escolab, a platform that organizes visits to Catalan research centers for secondary students, and Pendulum, an association that brings the kids to the nature for a scientific picnic in the middle of the Montseny Natural Park, among other scientific workshops and activities. 

Campus Gutenberg is organized by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)-Barcelona School of Management and Obra Social “la Caixa”. Collaborators of this edition are “Centro de Estudios de Ciencia, Comunicación y Sociedad” (CCS-UPF), the “Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica” (ACCC), the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), and the Department of Experimental and Health Science of the UPF. 

For more info follow: #CGutenberg16 @beerforscience @ACCC_ @ccupf

Download the program of the conference here

Poster Prize for Anna May at the “Functional hybrid materials” workshop and training school in Stockholm

Poster Prize Anna May-MasnouPoster Prize for Anna May at the workshop and training school “Functional hybrid materials: Structure elucidation from molecular to macro level”, within the “Trends in Inorganic Chemistry (TINC)” series. 

Anna presented the poster Photocatalytic hybrid nanocomposites of bacterial cellulose and Au/TiO2 nanoparticles for hydrogen production”, a work in collaboration with the Institut de Tècniques Energètiques (INTE-UPC), and within the National Project Engineering Bacterial Cellulose (E-BCN).

This event, held in Stockholm University (May 25th-27th), was organized by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry of the Swedish Chemical Society, within the EU COST action MP1202 “Rational design of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces: the next step towards advanced functional materials”. The Poster Prize was sponsored by the International Sol-Gel Society.

Jana Segmehl, from ETH Zurich, and who did an Internship in our group at ICMAB, also attended the workshop and presented the poster “Functional hybrid materials based on hierarchical structured cellulose scaffolds”, in which Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig are co-authors.

Jana and Anna

The program and speakers are available on the event website. A flyer of the event is found here. 

Event website: http://tinc.nu/web-swedish logo

Update 07/06/2016: The news appears on the International Sol-Gel Society webpage!

Update 06/10/2016: Picture of the participants in the HINT COST ACTION webpage!


The N&N Group participates in the Nano Festival at the Campus UAB

ICMAB workshopThe N&N Group has collaborated in the first science outreach festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. This festival, held between April 4th-8th 2016 in different locations of the Spanish geography (Zaragoza, Donostia, Barcelona, and Campus UAB) is full of different activities: seminars, exhibitions, workshops, nanodebates and competitions. 

Anna May and Pol Sallés participated in the workshop around “Nanomaterials at ICMAB“, in which different nanomaterials created by ICMAB were shown and the role of nanotechnology in our daily life products was discussed. The assistants were mainly students from the UAB (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, etc.), but also high school students interested in pursuing a Nanoscience degree were present. Tomorrow, Tuesday 5th April, Anna Laromaine will give a talk on Nanomedicine (Sala d’Actes, Facultat de Ciències, 10.30 – 13 h) and the workshop will also be held at the C1 Hall of the Facultat de Ciències (13 – 15 h). 

The program of the different activities held at Campus UAB can be found here
ICMAB workshop with Anna and Pol

ICMAB workshop

The news at the ICMAB webpage is found here. 

Success in the HINT -BCN Workshop

Dr. Fernando Novio (ICN2) and Dr. Anna Laromaine (ICMAB) organized last 8-9th of June the HINT-BCN Workshop with success. Invited speakers and poster contributions were of great quality! From here, we would like to thank the group members for their help during the workshop!



Anna presented the work  “Engineering Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Angiogenic Therapies” at the THIRD WORKSHOP ON NANOMEDICINE, UABCEI, Laura González presented the poster “EVALUATION OF THE INTERACTION BETWEEN SUPERPARAMAGNETIC IRON OXIDE NANOPARTICLES AND THE MODEL ORGANISM Caenorhabditis elegans”  and Simining Yu presented the poster “BOVINE SERUM ALBUMIN MODIFIES THE INTERACTION OF SPIONS WITH BREAST CANCER CELLS”





Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig will participate at a CNRS-CSIC workshop

cnrsThe First joint CSIC‐CNRS workshop on “Nanomaterials for Health” will be held in Madrid on 18th‐19th November 2013.

Chairs: Prof. Luisa de Cola (CNRS) and Dr. Puerto Morales (CSIC).

Anna Roig will present the N&N work on SESSION 3: Nanomaterials for health and cell interaction.

More info at: http://www.csic.es/colaboracion-instituciones-extranjeras

Program: download

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