The ICMAB Nano-Kit travels to UIMP with Anna Roig

Anna Roig gave a nano-lecture on nanomaterials at UIMP (Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo) within the course Nanotecnología: luces y sombras del control de la materia a escala atómica (Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale) on July 11th 2016. 

Afther the lecture, she showed the ICMAB Nano-Kit to the students, who really enjoyed the explanations and enjoyed having the opportunity to have a close look at real materials fabricated at ICMAB, such as silica aerogels, gold nanoparticles, grafene, carbon nanotubes, superconductors, bacterial cellulose or AFM tips.

This Nano-Kit is used in the program “Un investigador a la teva aula” (A researcher in your classroom) to show high-school students the research carried out at ICMAB and increase their passion for science. The Nano-Kit contains samples of up to 11 nanomaterials synthesized within different research groups at ICMAB, together with an explanation card of each one of them.  

Pedro Serena, researcher at the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid at CSIC and organizer of the UIMP course, posted a couple of the images on his facebook: 

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