Welcome to the N&N group!

We are pleased to announce the incorporation to the N&N group of four new members: two PhD students and two master students. Let’s know a little bit more about them!

Sumithra Srinivasan: She comes from India and recently joined the “C.elegans team” for her PhD. She will work under the supervision of Anna Laromaine

Welcome Sumithra!

Wenchao Duan comes from China and he will do his PhD under the supervision of Martí Gich

Welcome Wenchao!

We also welcome two new master students: Amanda and Natalia that will work with C.elegans and bacterial nanocellulose respectively. They are both students of the master “Advanced nanoscience and nanotechnology” from the UAB.

We hope that you all enjoy your time at the N&N group!

Welcome Amanda!
Welcome Natalia!
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