Wenchao received the prizes for best poster and best oral presentation at AERoGELS conference in Santiago!

Wenchao and Anna Roig attended the conference “Aerogels for Biomedical and Environmental Applications” that took place in Santiago de Compostela on 18-20 February. Anna gave a talk on bacterial nanocellulose as a cell culture platform and Wenchao presented a talk and a poster about his work.

Wenchao was awarded the Best Collaborative Poster Contribution award and the Best Oral Presentation in Early Career Investigator Forum award. Congratulations!

Anna Roig gave a talk “Bacterial nanocellulose as a cell culture platform and ocular bandage”.

Wenchao presented a poster “Regulating Surface Facets of Metallic Aerogel Electrocatalysts by Size-Dependent Localized Ostwald Ripening”. He also gave a talk titled “Screen-printed electrodes made of Cu-doped carbon xerogel applied to the analysis of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in water”.



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