Initial activities of the Department of Solid State Chemistry of ICMAB (SSC) started in 1990 focusing in the chemistry of high Tc superconducting oxides. The research interests have been further expanded to a diversity of topics within materials chemistry, and now are centered in the areas of battery materials, inorganic and carbon nanomaterials, hybrid materials, biomaterials and nitride-based materials. The design of new inorganic phases, basing on crystal chemical criteria, mixed-valence character and their modification by chemical / electrochemical doping –cationic or anionic- and by changing the size and microstructure, are among our major objectives.

The development of new synthetic methodologies, specific for each targeted phase, is also a defining feature of the Department. The investigated materials include high power/high capacity electrodes for rechargeable batteries, electroactive materials for neural growth, drug delivery systems, inorganic nanowires, carbon nanotubes, luminescent and electronic materials and catalysts.