Month: January 2014

Neutron and X-ray diffraction study of ferrite nanocrystals obtained by microwave-assisted growth. A structural comparison with the thermal synthetic route.

E. Solano, C. Frontera, I. Puente Orench, T. Puig, X. Obradors, S. Ricart and J. Ros Journal of Applied Crystallography 47, 1478 (2014) DOI: 10.1107/S1600576714017452 Neutron and X-ray powder diffraction have been used to investigate the differences between the crystal

Past Projects

Title: Ayuda de soporte a grupo de investigación de Catalunya 2009-2013Finantial Suport: Generalitat de Catalunya, 2009 SGR 770 Grup de materials superconductors i nanoestructuratsCoordinador: Prof. Teresa PuigDates: 01/01/2009 – 31/12/2013Budget: 50.960€ Title: Nanolithography Spanish networkFinantial Suport: Ministeri MAT2008-03636-E/Project Leader: Prof. Teresa Puig,

Conferences 2014

PLENARY Title: Superconducting Devices in the Grid. A hope? Authors: X. Granados Conference Name: II-EIGIS- COST MP1004 Meeting, Place:Praia de Caparica, Lisbon Date: 7-8 April 2014 INVITED Title: Volume Resistive Switching in complex oxides with metal-insulating transition for ReRAM memories

Patterning of functional ceramic oxides on metallic substrates by inkjet printing.

M. Vilardell, X. Granados, S. Ricart, A. Calleja, A. Palau, T. Puig and X. Obradors International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies 5, 503-507 (2014)