Month: April 2015

Prof. Teresa Puig has been awarded a 2014 ERC-Advanced Grant from the European Research Council

Prof. Teresa Puig
Prof. Teresa Puig

The project is entitled “Ultrafast growth of ultrahigh performance superconducting tapes (ULTRASUPERTAPE)” and has been granted under the Panel PE8 “Products and Processing Engineering”.

An unprecedented approach for low cost / high throughput / high performance High Temperature Superconducting tapes for the new clean, efficient and smart energy paradigm is envisaged. A transient liquid assisted growth (TLAG) in chemical solution deposited layers is used to reach ultrafast growth of thick superconducting tapes. An integrated system based on additive manufacturing and digital printing is devised to address a competitive manufacturing process with very high throughput and low cost, where combinatorial chemistry is selectively used for fast screening. Ultra-high tapes performances at high and ultrahigh magnetic fields are envisioned by maximizing the superconducting condensation energy with local strain and electronic state engineering.

6-10 April 2015: Oral conferences of Prof. Xavier Obradors, Dr. Mariona Coll and Dr. Susana Ricart at Materials Research Society 2015, San Francisco, California, USA

Title: Advances in InkJet Printed Solution Derived YBa2Cu3O7 Coated Conductors
Authors: X. Obradors, T. Puig, S. Ricart, M. Coll, J. Gazquez,  A. Palau, B. Villarejo, L. Soler, C. Pop, B. Mundet, F. Valles, P. Cayado, X. Granados, M Vilardell, V. R. Vlad, A. Calleja and A. Usoskin

Title: New Strategies for Nano-Scale Engineering of Solution Processed YBa2Cu3O7 Nanocomposites with Enhanced Pinning Forces
Authors: M. Coll, R Guzmán, P. Garcés, A. Garzón, J. Gazquez, F. Valles,  V. Rouco,  A. Palau, S. Ricart, J. Ros, X. Obradors and T. Puig

Title: Low Temperature Deposition of Functional Complex Oxides by Atomic Layer Deposition
Authors: M. Coll, J. Gazquez, J. M. Montero Moreno, I. Fina, K. Nielsch, X. Obradors and T. Puig

Title: Solution Design for ReBCO CSD-MOD Route
Authors: S. Ricart, C. Pop, A. Garzón, L. Soler, P. Cayado, P. Roura, J. Farjas,  A. Palau, J. Gazquez, M. Coll, J. Ros, R. Yañez , T. Puig and X. Obradors

Title: Synthesis of Metal, Metal Oxide, Metal Fluoride Nanoparticles: Tunning Shape and Composition
Authors: S. Ricart, A. Garzón, J. Martinez-Esain, C. Lu, M. de la Mata, J. Arbiol, J. Garcia-Anton, T. Puig, X. Obradors, R. Yañez , J. Ros and E. Solano

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