Month: May 2015

Guilherme Sotelo

My name is Guilherme Sotelo and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I work at Fluminense Federal University (UFF) as Assistant Professor since 2009. I work with large scale applications of superconductors, more specifically in the electrical power applications using coated conductors. I have the degree of Doctor in Science in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2007). At ICMAB I have joined the Group of Superconducting Materials & Large Scale Nanostructured, to stay here in my Sabbatical year under the supervision of Dr. Xavier Granados.


11-15 May 2015: Posters of Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Rosillo and Julia Jareño at 2015 E-MRS Spring Meeting, Lille, France


Title: Resistive Switching phenomena in metallic complex functional oxides
Authors : J.C. Gonzalez-Rosillo, R. Ortega, J.Jareño, M.Coll, A. Palau, J. Suñé, X.Obradors ,T. Puig

Title: Tuning the Metal-Insulating Transition of rare-earth Nickelate oxide epitaxial films grown from chemical solution methods for Resistive Switching applications
J. Jareño, M. Coll, J.C. González-Rosillo, B. Mundet, J. Gazquez, M. Tristany, X. Obradors, T. Puig

10-15 May 2015: Oral presentation of Ferran Vallès and poster of Alexander Stangl at International Workshop on Vortex Matter in Superconductors, VORTEX 2015, El Escorial, Madrid.


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Title: Vortex Pinning and Dynamics studies in CSD YBCO Nanocomposites from Electric Transport Measurements
Authors: F. Vallés,  A. Palau, V. Rouco, A. Stangl, P. Cayado, M. Coll, B. Mundet, J. Gazquez, Obradors X. and T. Puig

Title: Critical Currents and oxygenation process of YBCO Films Grown by Chemical Solution Deposition
Authors: A. Stangl, F. Vallés, P. Cayado, M. Coll, C. Pop, B. Villarejo, B. Mundet, J. Gazquez, A. Palau, Obradors X. and T. Puig

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