Month: April 2016

Early 2016: New members of SUMAN group

In the beginning of 2016 the group has integrated new members:

Jukka Malinen, he comes from Finland and he is joining us as a Lab engineer in instrumentation. His main task here will be LabVIEW-programming.


Orjan Artursson, he comes from Sweden and he is Project Engineer. He will be in charge of the installation of the new lab of the group in MATGAS building.


Roger Guzman, after a first postdoc in Zaragoza he comes back to the group to work as a postdoc in STEM and EELS characterization of YBCO nanocomposites samples.


Flavio Pino, he comes from Italy and he is joining us as a postdoc to work on the inkjet deposition and UV curing of superconducting thick films.


Juri Banchewsky, he comes from Germany and he is starting his PhD in the group concerning Vortex pinning studies in YBCO nanocomposites samples.



Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona ICMAB CSIC


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