Postdoc call offer entitled: “Industrially Manufacturing Process for A high temperature superconducting Coated conductors Technology”

Coated conductors (CCs), known as the second generation of high temperature superconductors (2GHTS), have triggered broad and fruitful R&D efforts to ensure industrial scalability and enable wide market adoption. Some challenges currently limit the practical use of HTS conductors. First, the high cost / performance ratio imposed by the fabrication methods of kilometer-lengths epitaxial YBCO films. Second, the low throughput in the production of CCs which further leads to limitations in generating drastic cost reductions for CCs. Due to overall cost, today it remains complex to spread the potential of large-scale applications based on coated conductors.

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PhD offer at SUMAN group related to “Vortex physics in the overdoped state of High Temperature Superconductors”

Superconductivity is a macroscopic quantum phenomenon with outstanding properties and impact in many applications. Since their discovery a century ago, powerful applications arose specially demonstrating their competences in the generation of very high magnetic fields (NMR, MRI) and high sensitivity in ultra-small magnetic fields (SQUIDs). The quantum nature of superconductivity enabled the formation of a condensate at the energy ground state by electron-pairing (Cooper pairs) separated from the electronic excited states by an s-wave superconducting gap.

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