Laura H. Greene, our next seminar’s group speaker!

Correlated Electrons: The Dark Energy of Quantum Materials by Laura H. Greene, National MagLab and Florida State University Thursday, 11 July 2019 @ 3 pm ICMAB – Sala d’Actes Carles Miravitlles Save the date!


The nearly 80-year-old correlated electron problems remain largely unsolved; with one stunning success being BCS electron-phonon mediated “conventional” superconductivity. There are dozens of families of superconductors that are “unconventional” including the high-Tc cuprates, iron-based, and heavy fermion superconductors. Although these materials are disparate in many properties, some of their fundamental properties are strikingly similar, including their ubiquitous phase diagram; with intriguing correlated-electron (not-Fermi liquid) phases above the superconducting transition.
These remain among the greatest unsolved problems in physics today; and a fun analogy stressing this will be presented. I will also present a MagLab overview and outline some of our own work on heavy-fermion materials using quasiparticle scattering and planar tunneling spectroscopies, which are uniquely situated to map out non-Fermi-liquid states.

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