Research Lines

Functional oxide films and oxide
nanostructures by CSD and
laser-assisted CSD

Inkjet printing technology of
metallic and electroceramic
coatings and patterns

Superconducting Coated
Conductors by CSD

Coated Conductors by CSD:
Transfer to a spin-off company

Superconducting device systems
materials integration

High current superconducting CSD
in-situ nanocomposites

Growth of ex-situ CSD Nanocomposites

Metal and metal-oxide
nanoparticles synthesis

Model vortex pinning systems

Resistive Switching phenomena in metallic complex functional oxides 

Low temperature synthesis of
functional oxide layers by ALD

1-D nanowires and nanotubes
from CSD solutions

1-D nanowires and nanotubes
from CSD solutions by Electrospinning