SUMAN group at EUCAS 2019 congress

Last week, a big part of SUMAN group went to Glasgow to attend to the 14th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS2019) hold at SEC between 1st-5th September 2019 and they presented our last results in superconductivity research.

List of participants and contributions:

  • Teresa Puig “Can we reach fast growth methods for Coated Conductors at competitive cost?” Invited contribution
  • Anna Palau “Nanoengineered high temperature superconducting films with novel functionalities” Invited contribution
  • Xavier Obradors “New opportunities to enhance vortex pinning in solution derived YBCO thin films” Oral contribution
  • Joffre Gutierrez “Coated Conductor technology for the beam screen of CERN FCC-hh” Oral contribution
  • Cornelia Pop “Growth of CSD low fluorine YBCO superconducting layers on sapphire substrates” Oral contribution
  • Juri Banchewski “On the versatility of growing REBCO films through transient liquids” Oral contribution
  • Pedro Barusco “Current flow diverted coated conductors for advanced fault current limiters” Oral contribution
  • Teresa Puig “Emulating high-throughput chemical solution deposition of YBCO by PLD” Poster contribution
  • Susagna Ricart “Tunable BaMO3 (M= Ti, Zr and Hf) Nps used on CSD approach to YBa2Cu3O7 layers” Poster contribution
  • Albert Queralto “A Novel Combinatorial Chemistry Inkjet Printing Strategy for REBCO film growth” Poster contribution
  • Adrià Pacheco “Towards Transient Liquid Assisted Growth (TLAG) of Thick YBCO Coated-Conductors” Poster contribution
  • Artur Romanov “RF surface resistance of REBCO coated conductors for the FCC beam screen coating” Poster contribution




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